Cy Becker - Single Detached Housing (Zero Lot Line)


Bylaw 18371

April 9, 2018

17303-50 Street NW

1.        General Purpose

The purpose of this Zone is to provide the opportunity for more efficient utilization of suburban areas through increased density of Single Detached Housing by allowing Zero Lot Line Development.

2.        Area of Application


This Provision shall apply to portions of Lot 1 Block 1 Plan 022 0944 located south of Anthony Henday and north of Cy Becker Boulevard NW, Cy Becker as shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

3.        Uses

  1. Limited Group Homes

  2. Minor Home Based Business

  3. Residential Sales Centre

  4. Secondary Suites

  5. Single Detached Housing

  6. Urban Gardens

  7. Fascia On-premises Signs

4.      Development Regulations

  1. The minimum Site Area shall be 228 m2.

  2. The minimum Site Width shall be 7.6 m.  The Site Width on pie shaped Lots shall be measured 9 m into the Site from the Front Lot Line.

  3. The minimum Site Depth shall be 30.0 m.

  4. The maximum Height shall not exceed 10.0 m.

  5. The maximum total Site Coverage shall not exceed 53%, inclusive of the attached Garage and any other Accessory Buildings.

  6. The minimum Front Setback shall be 5.5 m

  7. The minimum Rear Setback shall be 7.5 m, except in the case of a Corner Site it shall be 4.5 m.

  8. The minimum Side Setback shall be 1.2 m, except that:

  1. the minimum Side Setback abutting a public roadway other than a Lane shall be 20% of the Site Width or 2.4 m, whichever is greater;

  2. where a Garage is attached to the principal building, and the vehicle doors of the Garage face a flanking public roadway other than a Lane, the minimum Side Setback shall not be less than 4.5 m; and

  3. Zero Lot Line Development may be permitted where:

  1. the other Side Setback is a minimum of 1.5 m;

  2. all roof leaders from the Dwelling are connected to the storm sewer service;

  3. all roof leaders from Accessory buildings are connected to the storm sewer service

  4. no roof leader discharge shall be directed to the maintenance easement; and

  5. the owner of the adjacent Site register against title, a private maintenance easement a minimum of 1.5 m wide that provides for:

  1. a 0.30 m eave encroachment easement with the requirement that the eaves must not be closer than 0.90 m to the eaves on the adjacent building;

  2. a 0.60 m footing encroachment easement;

  3. a drainage swale, constructed as per the City of Edmonton Design and Construction Standards; and

  4. permission to access the easement area for maintenance of both properties.

  1. Single Detached Housing shall be developed in accordance with the following regulations:

  1. all Dwellings shall include a front attached Garage; and

  2. identical floor plans with similar front elevations must be separated by a minimum of one Lot unless finishing treatments are substantially different.

  1. Corner Sites shall have flanking side treatments similar to the front elevation.

  2. Separation Space shall not be required:

  1. where side walls of Abutting buildings face each other and Habitable Room windows are not located directly opposite each other, such that privacy is not impacted, and:

  1. in the case of Dwellings on separate Sites, each development complies with the minimum Side Setback requirements for each Dwelling.

  1. For Zero Lot Line Development, the Garage, Parking Area, or driveway shall not encroach on the private maintenance easement.

  2. All roof drainage shall be directed away from buildings and to a public roadway, or to a drainage work. Applications for Development Permits shall include a detailed drainage plan showing the proposed drainage of the Site.

  3. A maximum of one Dwelling per Lot shall be allowed in this Zone. Except where Secondary Suites are allowed, then two Dwellings per Lot shall be allowed.

  4. The minimum site area for Secondary Suites shall be 228 m2.

  5. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59A.