Oliver Area Redevelopment Plan ARP DC1 District - Area 1


Bylaw 17594

April 4, 2016

1.         Area of Application

A portion of Sub Area 1, located between 103 Avenue and Jasper Avenue from 123 Street to 121 Street; and a portion of Sub Area 2, located at 121 Street and 102 Avenue, designated DC1 (Area 1) in Bylaw 11619, amending the Land Use Bylaw.

2.         Rationale

To provide for a mixed use area that encourages the retention of existing older residential structures by providing opportunity for the conversion of these older structures to small scale, low impact commercial uses. New development and conversions will be of a scale and design that is complementary to the existing low density residential dwellings in the area.

3.         Uses

The following uses are prescribed for lands designated DC1 (Area 1) pursuant to Section 710.3 of the Land Use Bylaw:

i)        Business Support Services*

ii)       Child Care Services*

iii)       Commercial Schools*

iv)      Community Recreation Services

v)       Custom Manufacturing Establishments*

vi)      Duplex Housing

vii)      Eating and Drinking Establishments, Minor*

viii)     Essential Utility Services

ix)      Foster Homes

x)       Group Homes

xi)      Group Homes, Limited

xii)      Health Services*

xiii)     Home Occupations, Major

xiv)    Home Occupations, Minor

xv)     Minor Impact Utility Services

xvi)    Personal Service Shops*

xvii)    Private Education Services*

xviii)    Professional, Financial and Office Support Services*

xix)     Professional Offices*

xx)     Retail Stores, Convenience*

xxi)    Row Housing

xxii)    Secondary Suites

xxiii)   Semi-detached Housing

xiv)    Single Detached Housing

(Note: Commercial uses identified by an asterisk shall be only be allowed

if located in a converted older residential structure, and shall not be

allowed within a new development.)


4.        Development Criteria

The following development criteria shall apply to the prescribed uses pursuant to Section 710.4 of the Land Use Bylaw:

a)       The maximum Floor Area Ratio shall be 1.0.

b)       The maximum Height shall not exceed 10 m (32.8 ft.) nor 2.5 storeys.

c)       The maximum density for Residential Uses shall be 42 dwellings/ha (17.0 dwellings/acre).

d)       The maximum site area shall be 2,787 m2 (30,000 ft2 ).

e)       The minimum Front Yard shall be the average depth of the Front Yards of the two adjacent lots. Where an adjacent site is vacant, it shall be deemed to have a Front Yard depth of 6 m (19.7 ft.) for the purposes of this subsection. On a corner site where the building fronts on a flanking public roadway other than a lane, the minimum Side Yard abutting the flanking public roadway shall be 4.5 m (14.8 ft.). Notwithstanding this, at the discretion of the Development Officer, the area of a porch or verandah or portion thereof which does not have a principal building above may be allowed to be developed up to a maximum of 2 m (6.6 ft.) into a required Front Yard.

f)       A minimum Side Yard of 1 m (3.3 ft.) shall be provided, except where a Side Yard abuts a flanking public roadway other than a lane, not less than 3 m (9.8 ft.) shall be provided.

g)       The minimum Rear Yard shall be 7.5 m (24.6 ft.).

h)       Notwithstanding the above, no minimum yard requirements shall apply to conversions of old single detached residential housing stock, except to the extent where an addition to such a structure is to occupy additional area within the site.

i)        Vehicular access to a garage or parking area shall be from an abutting lane, where a lane abuts a site.

j)        Architectural treatment of new developments shall ensure that elements common to the residential architecture of the area are emphasized through the inclusion of features such as the following:

i)        porches and verandahs;

ii)       brick, clapboard or stucco as prominent exterior finishes;

iii)       gambrel, pyramidal, gable or hip roofs; or

iv)      dormers and bay windows.

k)       The Development Officer shall use the following guidelines when reviewing an application for conversion of a Single Detached Dwelling to a commercial use:

i)        activities will be confined to a small-scale of operation with a staff of not greater than 5 persons;

ii)       Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments shall be limited to a maximum of 70 seats; and

iii)       the design shall maintain the appearance of a Single Detached Dwelling.

l)        Single Detached, Semi-detached, Duplex Housing and Secondary Suites in this District shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of the RF4 District.

m)      All exterior trash collection areas shall be screened from view in accordance with Section 69.4(4) of the Land Use Bylaw.

n)       Notwithstanding other regulations in this District:

i)        Minor Home Occupations shall be developed in accordance with Section 84 of the Land Use Bylaw.

ii)       Major Home Occupations shall be developed in accordance with Section 85 of the Land Use Bylaw.

iii)       Professional Offices shall be developed in accordance with Section 88 of the Land Use Bylaw.

iv)      Essential Utility Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 90 of the Land Use Bylaw.

v)       Group Homes shall be developed in accordance with Section 91 of the Land Use Bylaw.

vi)      Child Care Services shall be developed in accordance with Section 93 of the Land Use Bylaw.

vii)      Secondary Suites shall be developed in accordance with Section 99 of the Land Use Bylaw.