Oliver Area Redevelopment Plan ARP DC1 Districts - Area 8

Note: Section 15.9 was added through Bylaw 12801, May 2001.


Bylaw 18573

October 22, 2018


1.        Area of Application

Portions of Sub Area 4 and Sub Area 5, centered on Jasper Avenue, extending from 110 Street to 121 Street designated DC1 (Area 8) in Charter Bylaw 18573, amending the Zoning Bylaw.


2.        Rationale

To provide for a range of uses, with the objective of promoting the continuing development of a pedestrian oriented commercial strip in terms of land use activities and design elements. The district also provides opportunity for the inclusion of residential uses above the ground floor level.


3.        Uses

  1. Apartment Housing

  2. Automotive and Minor Recreation Vehicles Sales/Rentals (where existing at the time of the adoption of this Area Redevelopment Plan Bylaw 11619)

  3. Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs

  4. Business Support Services

  5. Cannabis Retail Sales

  6. Child Care Services

  7. Commercial Schools

  8. Community Recreation Services

  9. Convenience Retail Stores

  10. Creation and Production Establishments

  11. Essential Utility Services

  12. Exhibition and Convention Facilities

  13. General Retail Stores

  14. Government Services

  15. Group Home

  16. Health Services

  17. Hotels

  18. Household Repair Services

  19. Indoor Participant Recreation Services

  20. Limited Contractor Services

  21. Limited Group Home

  22. Lodging Houses

  23. Major Alcohol Sales

  24. Major Amusement Establishments

  25. Minor Alcohol Sales

  26. Minor Amusement Establishments

aa.  Major Home Based Business    

bb.  Minor Homes Based Business

cc.  Nightclubs

dd.  Non-accessory Parking

ee.  Personal Service Shops

ff.   Private Clubs

gg.  Professional, Financial and Office Support Services

hh.  Protective and Emergency Services

ii.    Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits

jj.    Public Park

kk.   Restaurants

ll.     Religious Assembly

mm.  Secondhand Stores

nn.   Specialty Food Services

oo.   Spectator Entertainment Establishments

pp.   Veterinary Services

qq.   Fascia On-premises Signs

rr.    Freestanding Off-premises Signs

ss.   Freestanding On-premises Signs

tt.   Roof On-premises Signs


4.        Development Regulations

  1. The maximum total Floor Area Ratio shall be 6.0. Of this total, the maximum Floor Area Ratio for Commercial Uses shall be 3.0;

  2. The maximum density for Residential Uses shall be:

  1. 450 Dwellings/ha where development includes roof top landscaped amenity space in excess of the amenity space requirements of the Zoning Bylaw; and

  2. 400 Dwellings/ha in all other cases;

  3. The maximum Height shall not exceed 36.6 m;

  4. Residential Uses shall not be allowed on the ground floor of any development;

  5. The maximum business frontage for establishments located on the ground level shall be 16.1 m;

  6. In order to promote the formation of a pedestrian-oriented shopping street, no minimum Front Yard shall be required;

  7. The minimum Rear Yard shall be 7.5 m, except that this may be reduced to 2.0 m provided adequate access is provided for service vehicles and parking;

  8. A minimum Side Yard of 2.0 m shall be required where a Lot Abuts a flanking roadway other than a Lane;

  9. Residential Uses shall be set back a minimum of 6.0 m from the Front Lot Line and 7.5 m from the Rear Lot Line;

  10. Developments within the Specialty Food Services, Restaurants, Bars and Neighbourhood Pubs, and Nightclubs Use Classes shall be limited to a maximum of 200 seats, unless it can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Development Officer that sufficient on-site parking is available to support additional seating.

  11. Vehicular parking shall be located to the rear of the development and shall be accessed from the Abutting rear Lane, where a rear Lane Abuts a Site;

  12. Where required vehicular parking is located to the rear of a development, edge treatment design elements, such as wrought iron fencing, shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Development Officer in accordance with CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles, as identified in the Zoning Bylaw;

  13. Architectural treatment of new developments and/or renovations shall be designed to enhance the pedestrian character of Jasper Avenue by utilizing the following design features:

  1. awnings and canopies over windows and doors.

  2. a minimum window area of 50% of the front Fa├žade (using clear, untinted glass);

  3. entrance oriented towards Jasper Avenue; and

  4. patio seating areas;

  1. All exterior trash collection areas shall be screened from view in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw; and

  2. Signs shall be developed in accordance with Schedule 59F.