The Uplands

2303 - 199 Street NW


CharterBylaw 19232

April 28, 2020


1.        General Purpose

To allow for the development of Multi-Unit Housing in the form of Row Housing to be developed on individual shallow lots.

2.        rea of Application

This Provision shall apply to a portion of SW ¼ 5-52-25-4, located east of 199 Street and north of 23 Avenue NW, The Uplands, as shown on Schedule “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

3.       Uses

  1. Child Care Services

  2. Limited Group Homes

  3. Major Home Based Business

  4. Minor Home Based Business

  5. Multi-Unit Housing

  6. Residential Sales Centre

  7. Show Homes

  8. Urban Gardens

  9. Urban Outdoor Farms

  10. Fascia On-premises Signs

4.       Development Regulations

  1. The development shall be in accordance with these regulations and in general accordance with Appendix I.

  2. The minimum Site area shall be 106 m2 per Multi-Unit Housing.

  3. The minimum Lot Width shall be in accordance with Table 1.

  1. The minimum Site depth shall be 25.0 m.

  2. The minimum Front Setback shall be 4.5 m.

  3. The minimum Rear Setback shall be 5.5 m.

  4. The minimum Side Setback shall be 1.2 m, except that on a Corner Site, the minimum Side Setback abutting the flanking public roadway, other than a Lane, shall be 2.4 m.

  5. The maximum total Site Coverage shall be in accordance with Table 2, inclusive of the attached Garage:



  1. The maximum Height shall not exceed 13.0 m.

  2. The maximum width of any Multi-unit Housing buildings facing a public roadway other than a lane shall be 80.0 m.

  3. Each Dwelling Unit within the Multi-Unit Housing shall be individually defined through a combination of architectural features that may include variations in the rooflines, projection or recession ofthe façade, porches or entrance features, building materials, or other treatments.

  4. On Corner Sites the façades of a principal building abutting the Front Lot Line and flanking Side Lot Line shall use consistent building materials and architectural features, and shall include features such as windows, doors, or porches.

  5. Multi-Unit Housing shall not repeat the same architectural features more than six times on a block face.

  6. Vehicular access shall be from a Lane.

  7. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Section 59A.