Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

Charter Bylaw 19275

June 23, 2020

Effective: July 2, 2020

54.6      On-Site Vehicle Loading Facilities

  1. The quantity of loading spaces for Residential and non-Residential Uses shall be provided as per the following:

Threshold to Require a loading space

Minimum Number of loading Spaces Required

i) Less than 2500 m2 of Floor Area or fewer than 100 Dwellings


ii) 2500 m2 to 7500 m2 of Floor Area or 100 to 199 Dwellings


iii) More than 7500 m2 of Floor Area or 200 Dwellings or greater



  1. Loading spaces shall be designed to safely accommodate the dimensions of a standard delivery vehicle.

  1. For the purposes of 54.6(2), a standard delivery vehicle shall be determined by consideration of the vehicle length and frequency of trips that are anticipated to meet the need of the development, such as a:

  1. delivery van,

  2. semi-tractor-trailer truck, or

  3. tenant moving box truck.

  4. On-Site loading spaces shall be provided entirely within the property of the development being served, and shall be subject to all Setback requirements specified in the applicable section of this Bylaw.

  5. Access to any loading area shall be provided, wherever possible, internally to the development or from a Lane Abutting the development.

  6. Access to any loading area shall be arranged such that no backing or turning movement of vehicles going to or from the Site cause interference with traffic on Abutting streets or Lanes.