Bylaw 16733

July 6, 2015

Bylaw 18303

February 26, 2018

Charter Bylaw 18381

May 7, 2018

Charter Bylaw 18484

August 20, 2018



             Floor Area Ratio means the numerical value of the Floor Area of the building or structure relative to the Site upon which it is located, excluding:

  1. Basement areas used exclusively for storage or service to the building, or as a Secondary Suite;

  2. Parking Areas below ground level;

  3. Walkways required by the Development Officer;

  4. Floor Areas devoted exclusively to mechanical or electrical equipment servicing the development, divided by the area of the Site; and

  5. indoor Common Amenity Area, divided by the area of the Site.



Bylaw 15414

May 25, 2010