Bylaw 16271

March 18, 2013

Bylaw 16733

July 6, 2015

Charter Bylaw 18381

May 7, 2018

Charter Bylaw 18484

August 20, 2018

Bylaw 18967 (deleted the definition of Stacked Row housing)

August 26, 2019



9.          Stacked Row Housing means development consisting of a building containing three or more principal Dwellings arranged two deep, either vertically so that Dwellings are placed over others, or horizontally so that Dwellings are attached at the rear as well as at the side. Each Dwelling shall have separate and individual access, not necessarily directly to ground level, provided that no more than two Dwellings may share access to ground level. This Use does not include Duplex Housing, Row Housing, or Apartment Housing.