Bylaw 16224

September 10, 2012

Charter Bylaw 18387

June 12, 2018



3.         General Industrial Uses means development used principally for one or more of the following activities:

  1. the processing of raw materials;

  2. the making, manufacturing or assembling of semi-finished or finished goods, products or equipment;

  3. the cleaning, servicing, repairing or testing of materials, goods and equipment normally associated with industrial or commercial businesses or cleaning, servicing and repair operations to goods and equipment associated with personal or household use, where such operations have impacts that would make them incompatible in Non-industrial Zones;

Bylaw 13228

December 5, 2002

  1. the storage or transshipping of materials, goods and equipment;

  2. the distribution and sale of materials, goods and equipment to institutions or industrial and commercial businesses for their direct use or to General Retail Stores or other sales Uses defined in this Bylaw for resale to individual customers; or

  3. the training of personnel in general industrial operations.

Bylaw 18076

June 28, 2017

Charter Bylaw 18387

June 12, 2018



This Use includes vehicle body repair and paint shops and Cannabis Production and Distribution licensed and operating pursuant to provincial or federal legislation. This Use does not include Major Impact Utility Services and Minor Impact Utility Services or the preparation of food and beverages for direct sale to the public.