Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

74.       Minor Home Based Business

Charter Bylaw 19502

February 9, 2021


A Minor Home Based Business shall comply with the following regulations:

  1. A Dwelling used for one or more Minor Home Based Businesses shall not generate more than one business associated visit per day at the Dwelling;

  2. Notwithstanding 74(1), visits by guests of a Bed and Breakfast Operation shall not count towards the business associated visits to the Dwelling;

  3. a Bed and Breakfast Operation, operating as a Minor Home Based Business, may have up to a maximum of two Sleeping Units. Cooking facilities shall not be located within the Sleeping Units;

  4. there shall be no exterior signage, display or advertisement other than a business identification plaque or Sign 10.0 cm  x 30.5 cm in size located on the Dwelling;

  5. there shall be no mechanical or electrical equipment used that creates external noise, or visible and audible interference with home electronics equipment in adjacent Dwellings;

  6. the Minor Home Based Business shall not employ any person on-site other than a resident of the Dwelling;

  7. there shall be no outdoor business activity, or outdoor storage of materials or equipment associated with the business allowed on the Site. Indoor storage shall only be allowed inside the Dwelling;

  8. the Minor Home Based Business shall not change the principal character or external appearance of the Dwelling involved; and

  9. in addition to the information requirements of subsection 13.1 of this Bylaw, each application for a Development Permit for the Use Minor Home Based Business shall include a description of the business to be undertaken in the Dwelling, an indication of the anticipated number of business visits per week.