Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

Bylaw 15998

August 27, 2012


94.        Supportive Community Provision

The purpose of the Supportive Community Provisions is to facilitate the provision of housing in which care is provided to residents in a permanent, residential setting.


Bylaw 15953

November 13, 2012

  1. The portion of a Development Permit application for Apartment Housing or Group Homes that achieves all of the criteria listed in subsection 94(1)(a) Supportive Community Criteria, shall be considered a supportive community and the regulations of subsection 94(1)(b) shall apply.

  1. Supportive Community Criteria:

Bylaw 18303

February 26, 2018

  1. indoor Common Amenity Area, separate from entryways, corridors and utility areas, comprises a minimum of 10% of the Floor Area of the development, and has the capacity to seat all residents. Such space shall contain one or more common dining areas;

  2. the Landscape Plan identifies activity features designed to enhance the wellness of the residents, such as walking paths or raised beds for gardening;

  3. internal common space is designed to facilitate safety, circulation and resident interaction by:

    1. containing a minimum corridor clearance width of 1.65 m,

    2. containing a minimum stairway clearance width of 1.65 m,

    3. minimizing the impact of corridor length by including, at regular intervals, areas which could accommodate seating, and

    4. allowing visual surveillance of the principal entry area;

  4. all Dwellings and Sleeping Units shall have Inclusive Design, in accordance with Section 93 of this Bylaw;

  5. the development has undergone and addresses the recommendations of a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) review in accordance with Section 58 of this Bylaw, General Performance Standards for a Safe Physical Environment;

  6. the proposed development has been assessed by the Province of Alberta and is eligible to be licensed as a supportive living accommodation, pursuant to provincial legislation;

  7. the proposed development addresses requirements for pedestrian amenities on-Site and in the surrounding area, such as sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, in accordance with the recommendations of Transportation Services; and

  8. the dimensions for parking spaces are shown to be in accordance with subsection 54.2(4)(a)(ii) of this Bylaw.

  1. Supportive Community Regulations:

Bylaw 15953

November 13, 2012

  1. parking for Apartment Housing and Group Homes that meet the criteria of Section 94(1)(a) above shall be provided in accordance with Section 54.2 Schedule 1 of this Bylaw; and

  2. density shall be calculated in accordance with the Zone in which the development is located, except that the maximum density may be increased by 25%. If a Dwelling or Sleeping Unit is designed to convert into a smaller unit, the density and parking shall be calculated based upon the highest number of potential Dwellings or Sleeping Units.