Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

Bylaw 16224

September 10, 2012

95.        General Industrial Uses

General Industrial Uses shall comply with the following regulations:

  1. Any indoor display, office, technical or administrative support areas or any retail sale operations shall be Accessory to the General Industrial Use. The Floor Area devoted to such Accessory activities shall not exceed 33 percent of the total Floor Area of the building(s) devoted to the General Industrial Use, except that this restriction shall not apply where a significant portion of the industrial activity naturally and normally takes place out of doors.

  2. The Development Officer may approve a facility that is intended to provide temporary sleeping accommodation for employees as an Accessory Use to a General Industrial Use. The proposed Accessory Use shall not be larger than necessary to support industrial activities on the Site, and the design and layout of the accommodation shall not be suitable for use as permanent residence.  The following regulations shall apply:

  1. the Applicant shall, in all cases, conduct a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association Guide Z-768-94, as amended from time to time and submit those results as part of the application;

  2. if the Phase 1 ESA indicates potential contamination, further consideration of the application shall be suspended and the applicant shall conduct a Phase 2 ESA and the Development Officer shall share the results of the Phase 2 ESA with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (or its successor) and Alberta Health Services (or its successor);

  3. taking into account the advice of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Alberta Health Services and all other relevant factors, the Development Officer shall determine whether a Phase 3 ESA is required; and

  4. the Development Officer shall not issue a Development Permit for this Accessory Use until the Applicant has demonstrated that the required Phase 3 ESA has been completed.