Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

970.7  EETC Edmonton Energy and Technology Park Chemical Cluster Zone

1.          General Purpose

The purpose of this Zone is to provide opportunity for the development of a petroleum chemical industrial cluster precinct as defined in the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park Area Structure Plan.

2.          Permitted Uses

  1. Heavy Industrial

  2. Industrial Manufacturing

  3. Industrial Logistics

  4. Major Impact Utility Services

  5. Minor Impact Utility Services

  6. Recycled Materials Drop-off Centre

Charter Bylaw 18613

November 26, 2018

  1. Special Event

  2. Specified Industrial Facility

  3. Temporary Storage

  4. Fascia On-premise Signs

  5. Freestanding On-premise Signs

  6. Minor Digital On-premises Signs

  7. Projecting On-premises Signs

  8. Roof On-premises Signs

3.          Development Regulations

  1. The minimum Site Area shall be 1 ha

  2. A minimum Setback of 3.0 m shall be required where any lot line of a Site abuts a public roadway, other than a Lane.

  3. Nothwithstanding 970.7(3) (b), the Development Officer may require a greater Setback for those components of an industrial development that may interfere with the safety or amenity of developments upon abutting lands, having particular regard to any Separation Spaces required by Alberta Environment.

  4. All outdoor services, assembly, trash collection and storage areas including the trucking yards associated with such activities shall be located to the rear or side of the principal building. Loading and trash collection facilities servicing, warehouse and similar developments, where the handling or assembly of goods is carried out within a building, shall be allowed to the rear, sides or front of the principal building. The areas and facilities referred in this clause shall be screened from view from any public roadway other than a Lane, and from adjacent Sites, unless the public Roadway is a local road servicing only the Energy and Technology Park. Notwithstanding the above, trash collection areas located to the front of the principal building shall be screened from view from any public roadway, including a Lane, and from any adjacent Site.

  5. Outside display areas are allowed to be located to the side or front of the principal building, provided that such displays are limited to examples of equipment or material related to the industry or business located on the Site.

  6. Industrial Manufacturing is permitted only in areas within the 1.5 km Risk Buffer adjacent to the Manufacturing Precinct as shown in Appendix II.

  7. Industrial Logistics is permitted only in areas within the 1.5 km Risk Buffer adjacent to the Logistics Precinct as shown in Appendix III.

  8. Major Impact Utility Services does not include sanitary landfills Sites or nuclear power facilities.

  9. Temporary Storage is permitted only if accessory to the Heavy Industrial, Industrial Manufacturing and Industrial Logistics Uses.

  10. Heavy Industrial shall not be permitted within the 1.5 km Risk Buffer area as shown on Appendix III.