Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

Charter Bylaw 18958

August 26, 2019

993.8 (RTCMR) Riverview Town Centre Medium Rise Zone

1.            General Purpose

The purpose of this zone is to accommodate low to medium density residential developments with limited and smaller commercial uses at ground level. The intent is to incorporate appropriate development controls to allow the development to intensify over the long term as the market evolves and the neighbourhood matures.


2.            Permitted Uses

Charter Bylaw 19502

February 9, 2021

  1. Multi-unit Housing

  2. Child Care Services

  3. Convenience Retail Stores

Charter Bylaw 19490

November 5, 2020

  1. Supportive Housing

  2. Lodging Houses

  3. Major Home Based Business

  4. Minor Home Based Business

  5. Personal Service Shops, excluding Body Rub Centres

  6. Row Housing

  7. Rural Farms

  8. Specialty Food Services

  9. Urban Gardens

  10. Fascia On-premises Signs

  11. Projecting On-premises Signs

3.            Discretionary Uses

  1. General Retail Stores, not exceeding a Floor Area of 200 m2

  2. Household Repair Services

  3. Residential Sales Centre

  4. Freestanding On-premises Signs

4.            Development Regulations

  1. The maximum Floor Area Ratio for shall be 2.5.

  2. The maximum residential Density shall be 224 Dwellings / ha.

  3. Building Heights shall be as follows:

  1. The maximum Height, for any building that is taller than 12 m shall be defined as follows:

  1. building Height shall be limited to the building envelope determined by a 45-degree angular plane. The angular plane shall begin at Grade at the northern, western and eastern boundaries of the Special Area Riverview Town Centre (as shown on Appendix I);

  2. buildings shall be developed within this building envelope and may be stepped, provided no part of the building Height exceeds the Height of the building envelope created by the angular plane; and

  3. a diagram, illustrating proposed building Heights and conformance to the angular plane and building envelope, shall be provided to the Development Officer with the Development Permit Application.

  1. Notwithstanding 993.8(4)(c)(i), the maximum Height shall not exceed 23.0 m.

  1. Setbacks shall be as follows:

  1. The minimum Setback shall be 3.0 m where a development Abuts a public road.

  2. A minimum Setback of 7.5 m shall be provided where the development Abuts a Site zoned to allow Single or Semi-detached Housing as a Permitted Use.

  1. Maintenance and/or drainage and utility easement(s) may be required between Abutting buildings and/or through private yards of one or more Dwellings to ensure adequate access for property, drainage and utility maintenance.

  2. For a Row Housing Development all roof leaders from the Dwelling shall be connected to the individual storm sewer service for each Lot.

  3. Commercial and Community Uses shall not be permitted in any freestanding structure separate from a structure containing Residential or Residential-related Uses. The principal entrance to these Uses shall be separate and have direct access from the street.

  4. Commercial and Community Uses shall only be permitted in locations where they front onto either an arterial or collector road.

  5. Rural Farms shall only be allowed if the Use exists prior to December 31, 2018.

  6. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59E of the Zoning Bylaw.

  7. Signs shall be comprised of materials that are visually interesting, durable, are of high quality and compatible with the architecture theme of the respective building.

5.            Urban Design Regulations

  1. Building shall be designed to frame the corners of collector and arterial road intersections.

  2. Building facades shall include design elements, finishing material and variations that will reduce the perceived mass of the buildings and add architectural interest.

  3. Principal building entrances for any Use as well as entrances to Amenity Areas, Parking Areas, and other shared facilities, shall be designed for universal accessibility. Level changes from the sidewalk to entrances of buildings shall be minimized. Sidewalk furniture and other elements shall be located out of the ravel path to ensure they are not obstacles to building access