(DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision

Part IV Edmonton Zoning Bylaw

Section DC2.485

Bylaw 10880

November 10, 1998

DC2.485.1.         General Purpose

To accommodate a large shopping centre intended to serve a community or regional trade area. Possible uses within the development include residential, commercial, office, entertainment and cultural uses, along with a limited form of casinos and other gaming establishments.

DC2.485.2          Area of Application

This District shall apply to Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre located at 8330-82 Avenue, Plan 2224KS, Block 3, Lots A, B and C, and Plan 3849NY, Block 3, Lot H, Bonnie Doon.

DC2.485.3.          Uses

  1. Alcohol Sales, Major

  2. Alcohol Sales, Minor

  3. Apartment Hotels

  4. Apartment Housing

  5. Broadcasting and Motion Picture Studios

  6. Business Support Services

  7. Carnivals

  8. Casinos and Other Gaming Establishments

  9. Child Care Services

  10. Commercial Schools

  11. Convenience Retail Stores

  12. Drive-in Food Services

  13. Flea Markets

  14. Gas Bars

  15. General Retail Stores

  16. Government Services

  17. Health Services

  18. Hotels

  19. Indoor Participant Recreation Services

  20. Major Amusement Establishments

  21. Major Eating and Drinking Establishments

  22. Minor Amusement Establishments

  23. Minor Eating and Drinking Establishments

  24. Minor Secondhand Stores

  25. Minor Service Stations

  26. Minor Veterinary Services

aa.  Mobile Catering Food Services

bb.  Personal Service Shops

cc.  Private Clubs

dd.  Professional, Financial and Office Support Services

ee.  Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits

ff.   Rapid Drive-through Vehicle Services

gg.  Recycled Materials Drop-off Centres

hh.  Religious Assembly

ii.    Residential Sales Centre

jj.   Spectator Entertainment Establishments

kk.  Warehouse Sales

DC2.485.4            Development Criteria

  1. The Development Regulations in Sections 320.4 and 320.5 of the Land Use Bylaw shall apply to all development on this site.

  2. The regulations of Section 750 of the Land Use Bylaw shall apply to all development on this site.

  3. All applications for Casinos and Other Gaming Establishments shall be limited to bingos.

  4. Bingos shall not exceed 432 seats.

  5. All applications for Bingo Establishments will include measures to encourage Bingo Patrons to use the East entrance to the mall as the primary access and egress to the Bingo Establishment to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.

DC2.485 Map