Bylaw 17029

December 15, 2014

3103 - 156 Street SW

1.     General Purpose

To provide a district for low density residential housing (“reverse housing”) whereby residential uses front onto a greenway and vehicular access is provided by a public Lane, providing the opportunity for unique pedestrian-oriented development.

2.     Area of Application

Portion of NW-14-51-25-W4M, containing 2.5 ha more or less; located in the Chappelle Neighbourhood shown on Appendix “A” of the Bylaw adopting this Provision.

3.     Permitted Uses

  1. Child Care Services

  2. Group Homes

  3. Limited Group Homes

  4. Minor Home Based Business

  5. Major Home Based Business

  6. Single Detached Housing

  7. Semi-detached Housing

  8. Secondary Suites

  9. Garage Suites

  10. Garden Suites

  11. Fascia On-Premises Signs

  12. Freestanding On-premises Signs

  13. Residential Sales Centre

  14. Temporary On-premises Signs

4.     Development Regulations

  1. The minimum Site Area shall be 284 m2.

  2. The minimum Site Width shall be 8.6 m.

  3. The minimum Site Depth shall be 32 m.

  4. The maximum Height shall not exceed 10.0m nor 2 ½ Storeys.

  5. The following minimum Setbacks shall be provided on each lot or potential lot:

  1. The minimum Front Setbacks shall be 3.2m and shall be measured where the home fronts onto the linear greenway;

  2. Corner Sites shall have flanking side treatments similar to the front elevation;

  3. The minimum required Side Setbacks shall be 1.2 m;

  4. The minimum Side Setbacks abutting a public roadway, other than an Lane shall be 20% of the Site Width or 2.4 m, whichever is greater. The minimum side Yard abutting a Lane shall be 1.2 m; and

  5. The minimum Rear Setback shall be 6.0m.

  1. The maximum total Site Coverage shall not exceed 47% with a maximum Site Coverage of 35% for a principal building and a maximum Site Coverage of 17% for Accessory buildings.

  2. Separation Space shall be provided in accordance with Section 48 of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw, except that Separation Space shall not be required between Dwellings where a minimum Side Yard of 1.2 m has been provided on the abutting Site.

  3. A minimum private Yard area of 30 m2 per Dwelling shall be designated on the Site plan for the active or passive recreation use of the occupants. This Yard area shall be located immediately adjacent to, and with direct access from, the Dwelling it is intended to serve. Neither the width nor length of such a Yard shall be less than 4.0 m. This minimum private Yard may be located within a required Yard, other than a Front Yard. This Yard shall be permanently retained as open space, unencumbered by an Accessory Building or future additions.

  4. Notwithstanding provision 4(h) above, where an attached rear Garage is provided, the length or width of the private Yard area may be reduced but in no case shall it be less than 30 m2 per Dwelling. Private Yard area may also be provided on the rooftop of the principal Dwelling or Garage.

  5. On-site parking shall be provided in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. One Garage, or Site for one Garage, shall be clearly demarcated both on the Site and on the plan accompanying any application for a principal building. The minimum distance from the Rear Lot Line to a Garage or Garage Site shall be 6.0 m from the building face to property line. A hard surface walkway is required between the Garage or Garage Site and an entry to the Dwelling; and

  2. Where no Garage is developed, a hard surface parking pad a minimum of 6.1 m wide and a minimum of 6.0 m deep, shall be constructed at the rear of each lot. Such hard surface parking pad shall include an underground electrical power connection with outlet on a post 1.0 m in height, located within 1.0 m of the parking pad.

  1. All roof drainage shall be directed away from buildings and to a public roadway, including a Lane, or to a drainage work. Applications for a Development Permit shall include a detailed drainage plan showing the proposed drainage of the Site.

  2. Except where Group Homes, Limited Group Homes, Semi-detached Housing, Secondary Suites, Garage Suites or Garden Suites are allowed in this Zone and may thereby constitute two Dwellings on a lot, a maximum of one Dwelling per lot shall be allowed.

  3. Secondary Suites shall comply with Section 86 of this Bylaw.

  4. Garage Suites and Garden Suites shall comply with Section 87 of this Bylaw.

  5. Signs shall comply with the regulations found in Schedule 59A.

  6. Future development shall generally be in accordance with the intent of Appendix “A” which is conceptual in nature.

5.     Additional Development Regulations

  1. Municipal addresses shall be required for each Lot and be attached to each Garage visible from the Lane.

  2. Every Lot shall display its municipal address affixed to the Garage or principle building, visible from the Alley.

  3. Streetlighting shall be provided within a 1.5  m easement abutting the adjacent Lane.