Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

41.        Lot Dimensions and Areas

41.1        Subdivision

  1. The Subdivision Authority may approve the subdivision of land in the AG Zone to subdivide from a quarter section:

  1. parcels which are too small for economic agricultural development because of isolation by natural features such as ravines or water bodies or by man-made features such as roadways or railways; or

  2. parcels which are to be used for Essential Utility Services.

  1. The Subdivision Authority may approve the subdivision of land which includes parcels of a size less than the minimum Site size required in the AGU Zone and in the AGI Zone, if:

  1. these parcels are to be used for Essential Utility Services;

  2. these parcels are remnants or other parcels which result from the planned subdivision process where such parcels are likely to be created for a temporary period and shall subsequently be incorporated into a consolidation or another subdivision or development pattern, and zoned in a manner consistent with proposed Land Use Zones prior to development; or

  3. the AGU or AGI Zoning is to be temporary and is soon to be replaced with another Land Use Zone.

Bylaw 17116

April 13, 2015

  1. The Subdivision Authority may not approve the subdivision of a Lot zoned RF1, as it existed on March 16, 2015 into more than two lots, notwithstanding the Site Width in the RF1 Zone. Subdivision into more than two Lots may only be approved where the proposed subdivision:

  1. is supported by one or more City Council approved Statutory Plans or City Council approved Policies; or

  2. has a Site Width deemed by the Subdivision Authority to be in character with Lots on the same block.

41.2        Minimum Site Area Exceptions for Single Detached, Semi-detached and Duplex    Housing

Bylaw 14750

December 12, 2007

  1. The Development Officer shall not refuse an application for a Development Permit for Single Detached Housing on a Site with a depth of at least 30.0 m and a width of at least 10.0 m, or Semi-detached Housing or Duplex Housing on a Site with a Site area of at least 470 m2 and a width of at least 13.5 m only for the reason that the Site does not meet the minimum area and dimensions set out in this Bylaw, if:

  1. the Site in question is a lot, which was created prior to October 2, 1961;

  2. the Site in question is a lot approved by the Subdivision Authority; or

  3. in the case of Single Detached Housing within the RF4 Zone, the Site is within a Zone Outline Plan area or Area Structure Plan area and the subdivision creating the Site was approved by the Municipal Planning Commission prior to the effective date of Bylaw 6934, that being June 14, 1982.