Bylaw 15953

November 13, 2012

Charter Bylaw 18967

August 26, 2019

Charter Bylaw 19490

November 5, 2020


4.          Lodging Houses means:

  1. a purpose-built building;

  2. a part of a Multi-unit Housing development with 6 or more Dwellings; or

  3. a building wholly converted from a Single Detached House, Semi-detached House, or a Multi-unit Housing development with 5 or less Dwellings;

that is used for Congregate Living, containing Sleeping Units and four or more persons where there is no provision of on-site care, treatment or professional services of a physical or mental health nature. This Use does not include Extended Medical Treatment Services, Detention and Correction Facilities, Fraternity and Sorority Housing, and Supportive Housing.