Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

Charter Bylaw 19227

July 7, 2020

940.10    (RA8g) Griesbach Medium Rise Apartment Zone

1. The Uses listed as Permitted and Discretionary Uses in Section 220 of this Bylaw being the (RA8) Medium Rise Apartment Zone, shall be the Permitted and Discretionary Uses for this Zone.

2. Except as expressly modified in Subsection 940.10(3), the development regulations specified in Section 220 of this Bylaw shall regulate development in this Zone.


3. The following development regulations shall apply to the development of RA8g Zones within the Griesbach Special Area as identified on Appendix I to this Section:

  1. The minimum Front Setback shall be 3.0 m, except 1.0 m for Dwelling with direct access to ground level.