Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

997.7       (BP) Blatchford Parks Zone

1.             General Purpose

The purpose of this Zone is to provide primarily for active and passive recreation, the preservation of landmark structures, and other complementary uses of public and publicly accessible private land, including Low Impact Development features. Where ownership is held privately, public access will be established via public access easements.

2.            Permitted Uses

  1. Carnivals

  2. Child Care Services

  3. Community Recreation Services

  4. Indoor Participant Recreation Services

Charter Bylaw 18613

November 26, 2018

  1. Market

  2. Outdoor Participant Recreation Services

  3. Public Parks

  4. Publicly Accessible Private Parks

  5. Residential Sales Centre

Charter Bylaw 18613

November 26, 2018

  1. Special Event

Bylaw 17901

March 6, 2017

    1. Urban Gardens

    2. Fascia On-premises Signs

    3. Projecting On-premises Signs

    4. Temporary On-premises Signs

3.            Discretionary Uses

  1. Natural Science Exhibits

  2. Public Education Services

  3. Public Libraries and Cultural Exhibits

  4. Restaurants, for less than 100 Occupants and 120 m2 of Public Space

  5. Specialty Food Services, for less than 100 Occupants and 120 m2 of Public Space

  6. Spectator Entertainment Establishments

  7. Spectator Sports Establishments

  8. Freestanding On-premises Signs

4.           Development Regulations

The following regulations shall apply to Permitted and Discretionary Uses.

  1. The Setback from any adjacent private property shall be 4.5 m.

  2. The Setback from any public street, including a Lane shall be 4.5 m.

  3. The maximum building Height shall be 10 m, except for signature structures which act as landmarks, for which the maximum Height shall be 30 m. Such signature structures may include the former airport control tower, lookout towers, or other similar structures, at the discretion of the Development Officer.

  4. The maximum total site coverage shall be 15%. This calculation shall not include the footprint of any building existing on the Site prior to January 1, 2015. 

  5. Blank Walls or non-transparent surfaces shall not exceed 30% of any facade of a building.  Any individual Blank Wall or non-transparent surface shall not exceed 6.0 m in width, except if the surface is designed to accommodate public art or interpretive features, then the maximum width shall be no wider than 10.0 m. This regulation shall not apply to any building existing on the site prior to January 1, 2015.

  6. The owner(s) shall register a Public Access Easement for any Publicly Accessible Private Park to ensure public access to and use of the Site. Easements shall ensure the owner(s) are responsible for maintenance and liability, unless otherwise agreed upon by the City of Edmonton. Such an easement shall be a required condition of Subdivision Approval, or Development Permit approval, whichever occurs first.

  7. Any parking provided shall be in accordance with Section 54 of the Zoning Bylaw.  Notwithstanding Section 54, parking shall not be required for any development within this zone.

  8. No parking, loading, storage or trash collection area shall be permitted within a Setback. Loading, storage and trash collection areas shall be screened in accordance with Section 55.4

  9. Landscaping shall comply with Section 55. In addition to Section 55, landscaping shall be as follows:

  1. Landscape plans shall be prepared by a professional landscape architect or horticulturalist; and

  2. Landscape design shall consider appropriate plant material for horticultural zone 3a, and may include edible Landscaping.

  1. Signs shall comply with the regulations in Schedule 59C.

  2. As a condition of Development Permit, Carnivals shall not exceed a duration of 4 consecutive days.

  3. Flea Markets shall be limited to farmers markets involving the sale of items such a local produce and handicrafts.

Bylaw 17901

March 6, 2017


  1. Notwithstanding Section 98, Urban Gardens shall be developed in accordance with the Setbacks and Site Coverage requirements of the BP Zone.