Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800

560       (AJ) Alternative Jurisdiction Zone

560.1      General Purpose

The purpose of this Zone is to provide for lands that do not require a Development Permit when operating under the jurisdiction of federal legislation, provincial legislation or the Constitution Act, and to prescribe land uses and regulations for these lands if the legal status of these lands change and they become subject to this Bylaw.

560.2       Permitted Uses

  1. Any Use that is consistent with those Uses, activities and operations prescribed in the appropriate superior legislation.

560.3       Discretionary Uses

  1. All Uses listed in the most restrictive Zone adjacent to the Site.

560.4     Development Regulations for Permitted and Discretionary Uses

  1. A Development Permit is not required for Permitted Uses

  2. If for any reason (including a change in Use, ownership or legislation) lands to which this Zone applies become subject to this Bylaw, the most restrictive Zone on the adjacent lands shall apply. Any development shall be considered a Class B Discretionary Development.

  3. In addition to the information normally required for a Development Application under this Bylaw, the applicant shall submit a narrative explaining how the proposed Use or development would be consistent with Plan Edmonton, any other applicable Statutory Plan, existing surrounding development and Abutting Zones.

Bylaw 12961

February 4, 2002

  1. Signs shall comply with regulations found in Schedule 59H.